welcome to serendipity

Welcome to the home of Serendipity, northern Michigan’s newest fortunate discovery for women! Here at Serendipity, we absolutely love to find women’s stylish clothing, accessories, gifts, & home decor in a welcoming, cozy environment.

Our spirit, heart, and passion intertwine with everyday things. By seeking out these items to share with you, we are in a sense sharing our passions, our joys, and our life with you. Chances are you’ll soon find that the “things we love” are the things you’ll love too!

your experience

At Serendipity we strive to bring you a wonderful array of stylish clothing, home accents, gifts, and accessories that will help you to both look great and feel great. What makes us unique is our ever-changing inventory dedicated to finding you the items you won’t easily find in the big stores! Those special things will be sure to put a smile on your face.

We continue to seek out Michigan-made and Made-in-USA products, as well as natural and environmentally conscious products that help support good causes.

We consider your shopping experience to be more than the things you can buy. We want to be known as the area’s go-to shopping destination for checking out unique products and the newest trends, all while having a hyggeligt experience (look it up!)

our experience

Your experience at Serendipity, of course, begins with our experience. With years of background in customer-care connecting with real women, we pride ourselves on our commitment to personal detail and attention. I have always loved helping people feel good about themselves as they enhance their own personal styles. Through twenty years in the salon, boutique, and interior design industries, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with clients while developing a finely tuned sense for the latest styles in fashion and the intuition of how that works directly for each individual.

We take seriously the difference that quality one-on-one customer service can make on your overall shopping experience. In fact, we’ve seen it firsthand. Our knowledge and experience in finding the must-have products, accessories, and gift ideas make us perfect to enhance your look and your home, and our genuine interest in each individual customer will convince you that at Serendipity there’s always a reason to drop by.